Become an expert on vegan food in 90 minutes

How often have you wished you could be more creative in the kitchen? 

Struggled with coming up with ideas for breakfast, lunch or dinner?  

Want to eat vibrant, healthy food that actually excites you ?

If you are bored with your routine and stuck in a rut - let me help you spice things up!!  

This is a super special offer where I am making myself available for 10 special people who are interested in learning from me about vegan food, nutrition and cooking and who are serious about either making a complete transition to veganism or just would like to brush up on your cooking skills and add some colorful plant-based dishes to your repertoire to impress family and friends - and yourself with!  

My philosophy is this: Food is food, whether "vegan" or not. Everyone wants to eat deliciously, enjoy themselves and be relaxed around food.  

This is not about being perfect, but about finding harmony in the kitchen, and on your plate.  

Who is this for?

This is for everyone; even for you who don't plan on going vegan, but falling in the "I need more exciting meals in my life" category, if you're a brand new vegan, an intermediate or advanced vegan who are looking for inspiration - this intensive is tailor made especially for you!  

We will meet on live video chat via Zoom so you will get to personally see food I use in my cooking and how I put together meals on a daily basis.  

Super charge yourself with an info-packed, fun hour and a half with me, get a taste for how I work and what results you can get in this time and let's get cracking on solving your basic challenges around living a plant based life!  

Why spend time with and learn from me? 

I was a meat eater until I was 40, so I know all the challenges you're going through. I've spent the last year specializing on making plant based versions that taste exactly like (or very similar to) the dishes I used to eat and love. 

I'm a professionally trained chef with over 15 years of experience in the food and beverage industry and have a good grasp on how to make food taste pretty darn good.  

I'm a certified health coach specializing in plant based nutrition, and I've helped a large number of women transition to a plant based diet over the past 3 years .  

I'm also a wine educator and happen to think that you can be healthy while having a glass of wine, so if that's your jam - you're my person!

In your 90 minute intensive we will cover:

✔️ Any questions you might have pertaining to your personal situation and challenges and how to handle them 

✔️ The basic 101 on vegan cooking where I will share my favorite ideas and tips on how to successfully prepare the most popular ingredients in the five plant based food groups: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts. 

✔️ How to substitute your favorite animal-based foods for plant- based alternatives to ensure you are both covered in the nutrition and taste department 

✔️How to pair vegetables and other plant based, whole foods with wines that you love

✔️ I will show you how to combine flavors so you can put together successful meals on a whim, without having to google or search for complicated recipes  

✔️ Time saving techniques so you are always prepared and have healthy, great tasting meals on hand that you and your family members will love 

✔️ My top 10 staples to always have on hand in the kitchen to create flavorful, exciting meals every day 

✔️ My tricks for eating vegan anytime; in restaurants, at friends and family, while traveling and during holidays  

✔️ My 30 day vegan Meal Plan (value: $97) which includes my favorite vegan resources, a cop of my latest recipe e-book (value $19.99) plus a follow up spot-coaching session via email  

  All for the low investment of $299 (down from $499!)

My clients walk away happy having lost not only pounds, but stress, bad acne, and insomnia as well as having rid themselves of chronic diseases.  

What have they gained? Confidence in how to create flavorful, balanced and nutritious meals everybody loves, more energy, knowledge on how to eat vegan anytime anywhere, and so much more!  

This offer is one I'm most excited about now.… take advantage now and hit the button below !